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/// Network Server Monitor

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/// What we do

The Network Server Monitor (NSMon) application is a decentralized monitoring tool regurarly checking internet servers. It could check just a host availability (ping) or could check a response on a specific tcp port (e.g. http web response on port tcp/80).

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your servers
  • No SW install needed (all reports are accessible via web)
  • Platform independent (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, Novell, ...)
  • Monitors any network service you want (ping, http, https, smtp, pop3 etc.)
  • Immediate e-mail alert when your server goes down
  • Availability statistics
  • Starting at $0 ! (free service)
The checking of a service (ping or port response) itself is being done from checking nodes split over the whole world. The service is claimed as online in case more than 50% of nodes see the service online. See How it works for technical details.

/// Try it out

/// Current status

The whole application is being rewritten from scratch and is currently in its beta state. Users can register and use all the working features.

/// Current status / TODO list

  • Background checking engine
  • Basic web interface
  • Web: User login
  • Credit system
  • User migration from the old system
  • Web: Edit host
  • Web: Add new host
  • Web: Password recovery
  • Web: Edit user profile
  • Web: New user registration
  • E-mail warnings
  • Web: Proper password change procedure
  • API
  • Network tools: Ping
  • Network tools: Traceroute
  • Network tools: Whois
  • Network tools: DNS sleuth
  • Credits funding
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