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/// How it works

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/// Measuring points

We have several measuring points (network nodes) over the whole globe. Various continents, different networks. These nodes regurarly check all the hosts (network servers) users added into their profiles.

/// Online or offline?

Every network server is checked simultaneously from every measuring node. If one check fails, a measuring node immediately re-checks the host. In case it gets 3 failed checks, the node declares the network server as offline. After that we aggregate checks from all the checking nodes and decide whether the network server is online or offline. The rule is simple - if more than 50% of nodes see the server online, the host is declared as online. Otherwise (more than 50% see it offline) offline.

/// Check Example

One check could consist of the following steps:
  • node 1:
    • try 1: online -> ONLINE
  • node 2:
    • try 1: offline
    • try 2: offline
    • try 3: online -> ONLINE
  • node 3:
    • try 1: offline
    • try 2: offline
    • try 3: offline -> OFFLINE
  • node 4:
    • try 1: online -> ONLINE
  • node 5:
    • try 1: offline
    • try 2: online -> ONLINE

In this example 4 nodes report a network server as online, 1 node reports it as offline. More than 50% checks are positive therefore the network server is reported as ONLINE in this check.

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